If “The Sun Also Rises” Were Written by a Woman

I open my eyes. 6 am. I close my eyes. I open my eyes. 8 am. I’m almost late. I leave at 8:20. I get on the wrong train. There are also delays. I arrive late at 9:10. The old man stole my chair. I got him another one. He gave me my chair back. All is right in the world.

I’m in a detention center. A place for criminals. A place where hearsay is rampant. Mundane but I keep busy. In the world of internet, how can anyone be bored?

Except for the old man. He has no phone, no computer, no internet. He sits. He stalks. He paces. But mostly talks shit. He’s a mystery. Continue reading “If “The Sun Also Rises” Were Written by a Woman”

The Landscape of a Woman’s Body

I looked at her legs and they reminded me of mountains

I realized that my disgust or aversion was related to my appraisal and desire, as if her body were mine or soon to be mine. but that fell away when I remembered that even if I was a man, her body was not for my pleasure or approval, but for her existence. I looked on her body as a landscape, as a of nature: glory, miracle, creation.

I saw Continue reading “The Landscape of a Woman’s Body”

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