There’s a paint brush

in the fold of a twenty

dollar bill and a

paintbrush before the

first. The twenty is

pressed under the steel

coffee maker; the coffee

maker is next to a candle

my student gave me; it smells

like wood and pine. All these

objects sit on a glass desk.

Nena Linda

Visions of silk blue
Sandals . Palm leaves
darkest green smooth
as wax silk smooth
leaves blue moon darkest
night. jungle nights,
stars, eyes, white as
bright, as stars, staring
at me through the palm leaves

nena. ven mi                                                like a panther
alma, mi vida.                                   black body rippling
el me dice,                             running soft fur clutching
nena linda                                     skin and sheets our
mi corazón                           silk brown bodies run in
mi sangre                                the jungle at night time

                                                                         reina de
mi vida
ven linda
mi amor
mi princesa
quédate con
migo mi vida
nena linda
te quiero
para siempre

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