Infinite Value

It might be argued that I am trying to talk about the thing itself, that in attempting to attain purity. Maybe I am. I like specificity and I believe in one thing contrasting another, to an extent. While there may not be a definitive beginning or end–in this way, things take on an infiinte quality (and we can perhaps say that things which are infinite have no and all value, and if all things have no beginning or end, all things are infinite. If all infinite things have no and all meaning, all things have no/all meaning.

I’ll choose concrete things to illustrate this idea, as most people are bound to turn to seemingly concrete things such as buildings and chairs for examples of permanence. Buildings are easier to explain. Everyone knows that buildings are erected and demolished and buildings only last between these two states (decisions really) for the meantime, yes building has a beginning or end but 1. not many have access to that knowledge and 2. the building is not destroyed but transformed.

In meantime, a building has a beginning and end but it would be ridiculous to determine its duration ahead of time (“We will construct this building to stand 2 years and 20 days). While we’ve been analyzing its physical alpha and omega, we haven’t yet discussed its internal alpha and omega. Meaning, buildings typically serve a purpose to live, to work, to exhibit, to park, to please aesthetically (but is this not then, sculpture? I digress) and who can say for certain when the interior will begin/end permanently– think of butcher shops converted into restaurants for instances, homes turned into museums, warehouses into clubs. As such, buildings are infinite things and therefore have no/all value.

Chairs are more difficult because they are not so fluid. It c an also be said that its beginning and end is marked by construction and destruction. Similarly, its construction rarely has its end in mind. The only addition I’ll note is its movement. Its ease of movement is worthy of remarking upon in the curious sense that people draw chairs farther or close to accommodate intimacy. Or, we can observe that chairs are used to stand upon for reaching high things. So while the primary function is to sit, we can’t se we won’t need to stand on it, and we can’t say that if we’ll be entertaining two or three guests at a time… in this senses, the chair is infinite and again, it has no/all value/meaning.


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