I attempted, felt prompted to define boredom. The description given, especially the continuing of nothingnness made me recall “Nausea”. In fact, it was not boredom but anxiety that was the continuation of nothingness. It produces angst! It produced a special suffering. I wouldn’t consider this real imprint of horror, angst, existential crush and dissociation. Boredom, I would consider this impression quite active. This untraceable worry and immersion into nothingness is not boredom.

Boredom is commonly understood as lack of activity or action. Most would say that the subject is bored when they are not DOING something. But I argue rather that boredom is when the subject is not ACTED UPON; that is what causes boredom.I argue that it is the external not internal force that determines boredom. Internal force is insufficient to determine boredom. Why? Because it is insufficiently challenging, perhaps because it is already known. I’m not sure.

What is this exterior force that determines boredom? Is it not desirable? Do we not appreciate that which separates us from the angst of existence?

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