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It is cold and lightly drizzling. Vignesh offers three places: “There’s Jack’s Wife Frieda, Grey Dog, and a little up the street is Fondue, which doesn’t serve fondue,” he said. We were standing just next to JWF. So rationally I thought of my options: a place i’ve been to right here that’s pretty good, a place i’ve been to over there, or a new place that may or may not be good.” We ended up at Fondue. Actually, it’s name is Cafe Select but they haven’t bothered to change the name over the door: why?  Was it to inspire dialogue to friends by word of mouth? The world may never know

We checked JWF but the wait was 15 minutes and we were (I was) starving. Another charm about Fondue that I forgot to mention was that it was a gratuity included restaurant. Tip is already calculated into prices; extra tip is welcomed but unnecessary. We were trying to figure out the cuisine type by its menu which offers rosti (swiss hash browns) but also helloumi. The food is slightly overpriced but it’s good and the ambiance is better. The waiter was good but the hostess had questionable judgment.

Empty, Vig and I (okay, just I ) requested the corner table. (I like corners!) She said no, it’s for a party of three. A. the table could never fit three and B. there was no one there and plenty of seating in the back. “Fine, can we sit in the other corner?” I requested. I’d have to clean it, she responded.  The table that was dirty was not the corner table; the corner table was clean and unused. Whatever, and I let it go.

Food was good. Soup of the day was tomato and basil oil. Ordered the rosti. Secretly desired the coconut milk cereal bowl full of chia seed coconut and fruit. Viggy ordered the kale salad with the poached eggs, pine nuts, avocado, and bacon. Coffee was good too.

The atmosphere I would say is the highlight. The lighting is perfect: If you get the chance, sit in the window bar facing the back of the restaurant. The person you are sitting in front of will be the focus of your eye, and with the background light out of focus, the effect is stunning. Truly there is no better way to describe the effect other than magical. It is truly a sight/experience to be felt. Decor is luxurious but tasteful, splendid without being gaudy. It has a foreign touch without being kitsch. Strong recommend but a caution on the service. Wouldn’t frequent here.


Macaron Cafe

Macaron Cafe is a little place near me that I often feel semi-guilty (not really) going to so often. In New York there are so many incredible places, I want to go somewhere new every time. But it’s just SO close I can’t help it.  To boot, it has one of the best macaroons around town, especially on the east. What’s so fun about this store is that it’s got a long selection of tastiness. Just when you think you’ve seen plenty of macaroons over the glass counter, you realize said counter goes around the room! Little gems of coconut, earl grey, and many others are just around the corner. The front displays its constantly updated items (they had matcha & chestnut a few weeks back, pumpkin cinnamon too, and now their newest addition is strawberry smoothie.)

Perfect for a gift or a small treat for yourself, there’s definitely occasion to have a taste here. The macaroons are perfectly wispy, light, and properly flaky. After having failed miserably to make them on my own, I have a new found respect for macaroon makers. At Macaron cafe, they’ve got it down. The creams inside vary by flavor and day. I once bit into an espresso macaroon and thought the filling was so airy that it was closer to a mousse than a paste. The coconut was a bit stickier and had some flakes rolled onto its side. Flavors vary from rich nutella to light rose petal, chocolate raspberry to honey lavender.

The decor is a bit overwhelmingly pink but in a charming way. A retro feel, the furniture is white and the light glows pink all around. Theres great natural light at the front window (where there’s a bar), marble tables and black chairs.

Staff is mostly Latin, from Colombia and Peru and service is warm and friendly. The clients are happy and frequently engage them in chit chat—a testament to how they make one feel like home— waitresses are respectful and efficient, though by no way appearing to be rushed.

They serve food here too: healthy (and not so healthy) breakfasts, salads, and sandwiches. I’m a light eater so to me, it’s a proper meal. However, they don’t have anything heavy if you’re planning on having something more filling. There’s a soup/sandwich combo for lunch (french onion and any half sandwich). Thoroughly enjoyable meal whenever I do come here to have a quick eat, but I still would come here mostly for the coffee and macaroons. Most people come here dressed from work but there’s an atmosphere where laptop work could be done. Wifi is available. Frequently come here due to proximity but if a quick dessert treat is what you’re a’fixing for, it’s worth a trip.

Grey Dog

i finally ended up at grey dog and i was excited to sit outside but decidedly its still too cold for that nonsense. plus inside was a good vibe, i didn’t want to be too away from the people. i went to order at the coffee bar but i was stunned right in my tracks. the barista was plainly handsome in a magnetic way. His eyes and skin were too much like those of Alptug (Alp- like the Swiss Alps, and too, because the g is silent) a student at a university I worked at, in Turkey.

I had that little flashback and i think i must have blushed scarlet, I’m not sure. I stood there mouth agape, laughing nervously in little bursts—a ‘he he’ kind of laughing, nothing crazy. Crazy would have sounded like this: HAHAHA WOW! OH MY GOD! YOU LOOK JUST LIKE THIS GUY! Instead I sounded like this: “Oh my, you look just like someone I know.” I couldn’t help being terribly quiet and could do little more than try to begin a sentence three times. When my awkward could not be further contained, I apologized: “i’m sorry you look just like him” and he smiled, perhaps flattered. I started, “He was”…but I had nothing to say; between emotions and acute aphasia the only words i did manage to say (again) were…. Continue reading “Grey Dog”

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