Jack’s Wife Frieda

i went to go eat at jack’s wife freda

and i passed two bbq (quins mighty bbq and blue ribbon) without being tempted; kept my eyes on the prize. kept peddling houston is being reconstructed somewhat or another and i turned right and then left onto lafayette then carried onto spring street, in the wrong direction. i’m tenacious, what can i say.

there was no outside seating available but i didn’t mind because it was too cold anyway to  really enjoy it.  i was seated on a mess hall dining table—one long ass table where tons of strangers sit together as if we were all having a giant picnic indoors. (Except instead of your friends and family you’re dining with tourists , teen students, and models) When one person wiggled, all of us wiggled. the girl next to me elbowed me in the arm without so much as a sorry, oops, or sad-eye-glare. This is not a place where I can  write freely and certainly I can’t open my laptop here. At least not on a Tuesday afternoon.

I ordered a chicken couscous “salad” (a chopped medley of red onion, cucumber, and tomato with parsley).  The chicken kebab was tender but had a tight cooked outside from the grill. The tomatoes rendered the whole bowl moist to balance the couscous and grilled chicken. It was juicy enough to not need dressing but the entree came with a deliciously spicy green sauce that reminded me of a hot creamy sauce I had in Peru.

I asked for a mint lemonade—the lemonade is actually made from an in-house mint simple syrup—and said I didn’t like syrups as they tend to be too sugary (not healthy!) Completely accommodating, they gave me something with less syrup. The result: I felt like I was sucking on a lime. I put in a sweetener but to no avail. I couldn’t get past it and the server, most gentile, said it was not a problem. She removed the sour patch from my arm’s reach and graciously took it off the bill.

The meal was still tasty and fresh and didn’t weigh me down (I bike home). I didn’t feel limited by their small entree selection (three, if memory serves me) though their breakfast menu seemed fuller—next time Id be interested in trying the rose waffles: served with lebanese yogurt and a honey sauce! 3.5/5 I’d go so far as 4/5 but I only tried one thing. I would want to consider a higher rating for atmosphere, service, and pleasing menu.

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